In the quest to provide valuable resources and support both personally and professionally in a variety of aspects, I consume a tremendous amount of information.  I continue to seek ways to handle the dissemination of this information and not become constipated with the insurmountable intake as reflected in the guest posting by KCProctor, The Tension (and Relationship) Between Creating and Consuming on GoinsWriter.com.  Therefore, I decided to provide these resources for the masses.

The resources found to be most user-friendly , (I relate to those who are not techie experts), and deserving to be shared will be posted as an Extra Credit Shout-Out.  Just as in my classrooms of Eighth Graders and college students, I try to assume nothing of their learning, because I’ve discovered when assumptions are made great learning opportunities are missed.  Therefore, I will not assume these resources are old news and post them anyway, not to mention, they are new to me, and its my blog.

This week’s EXTRA CREDIT SHOUT-OUT goes out to: 



The mission of Teaching Channel is to be a video showcase—on the Internet and TV—of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America’s schools.  Teaching Channel has three goals:

Build professional learning resources that teachers want

• Deepen and improve opportunities for teacher learning

• Elevate and celebrate teachers in our society

This channel is a wonderful resource for educators in any grade level and subject area.  The clips are short, usually under ten minutes, and they are easily understandable.  They also represent the best instructional practices that are research based and can be integrated within lesson plans seamlessly.



Also with a simple login you can access all the lesson resources and communicate with the educator who posted the video.   I also love the diversity seen within the classroom and with the educators.  I won’t get on my soap box here about how often teachers who view classroom video strategies will use the excuse that it only works because a certain demographic or lets be blunt- race is being featured, but it does happen and with this channel that excuse is easily eliminated.

If you submit your email, TeachChannel will also send you weekly notices of newly added strategies.  And best of all the resources are For FREE!

Currently loving these lessons:

The Wingman: Engaging Reluctant Students by Sean Paris

Arguing the Pros and Cons of Teen Driving by Sean Paris

Writing Higher Order Questions by Thristine Edwards Francisco

Learning To Think: A Foundation For Analysis by Sarah Wessling

BRAVO Teaching Channel.org!

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