The New Shuck & Jive

Fraudulence is  cluttering our airwaves and TV screens.  Fake personalities, fake connections, fake ambitions, fake body parts, and fake reality.  In today’s pitch me an idea society where fifteen minutes of fame has turned into an hour reality show aired weekly, young millennials and even midlife housewives now pursue ambition or claim notoriety by faking it until they make it.

These individuals represent fake lifestyles of the rich and famous ironically in an attempt to become the rich and famous.  They walk around in Givenchy and red bottom Louboutin’s in six bedroom mansions that are clearly rented or in foreclosure because the walls are bare and neutral.  All of our hip hop divas and basketball wives(that are really basketball flings) are dizzily involved in one project after another and parade from one event to another all in the name of fakin’ it ‘till they make it self promotion.

And yes even the likes of MOI can be found watching, because its like a car wreck. Everyone tries not to gawk but end up gawking anyway.

Simply defined fakin it, is the new century shuck and jive.  Remember shucking and Jiving.  Urban dictionary. com states, “Shucking and Jiving was a tactic of both survival and resistance .  Reference adopted in order to avoid criticism.  An ability to  BS.”  The portrayal of Lootin’ Lenny who has plenty  from Good Times epitomizes the image.  And by the way, I love that guy.

Yes, I know marketing strategy 101 is about promotion and selling the product, but the problem with shucking and jiving is eventually a little exaggeration and self promotion turns into clearly defined lies and these lies lead to deception.  This deception has negative ramifications for the believer as in Girl Fight Club, but the effects are far more damaging for the faker or “Jive Turkeys” as James from Good Times would call it.

Once the deception begins, the one most deceived is the deceiver.  Follow me?  The one faking leads an inauthentic life that produces a bankrupt spirit.  In the end, because they are so busy trying to maintain the lies, they lose sight of who they really are and their ability to nurture personal areas of growth.  These people actually get stuck and rarely reach  the goals and ambitions they desire.  I know what you’re thinking but what about NeNe Leeks, she made it!  She’s living the life of a rock star because of her self promotion, isn’t she?.  Honestly, I don’t know.  From the outside it does look as though she has arrived but there being one or even a few outliers in the shuck and jive game doesn’t make it the standard or the correct way.

In order not to get caught up in the jiving, be real and true.   Seek connections, education, and experiences that will promote growth and development spiritually, socially, and civilly.  And like the tortoise in the Tortoise and the Hare, remember slow and steady wins the race to a life filled with truth and purpose.

Ya Dig!

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