Selfless Christmas Part I

This Christmas was a bit difficult for me.

And no this is not going to be another sad song about lost loves and lonely nights or even how grandma got ran over by a rein deer.  However in the ever-increasing need to learn and grow as an individual; reflection is always at the forefront, therefore this is simply a reflection of my experiences this Christmas season.

I have always loved the holidays.  They have been a joy and comfort to me my entire life.  When I think about why, I realize I can’t really point to one specific area or element.

Perhaps my love comes from the fact that my mother’s birthday is on December 23! She was a Christmas baby and went hard for the holidays!  This meant taking the whole month off from her very busy work schedule and decorating every nook and cranny of our house with Christmas villages from Department 96. My favorites being Elvis’ Graceland, the Ford Motor Car Company showroom with rotating vintage Mustangs on display and the Santa themed Carousel covered in starlight glitter flakes that stayed on your clothing for days and days.  I also loved the many scenes of miniature people ice skating, shopping, and caroling strewn throughout the villages that reminded me of the many books I often would read about Christmas times past.  Oh I could go on and on.  And what causes me to feel like I have the special tuxedo African bow tie that belonged to the Cosby men is that my mother has continued this tradition with my daughter and now her villages consume our house each year with the same fervor.


Perhaps my adoration for Christmas came from our trips to Frankenmuth’s Bavarian Christmas Village Wonderland that places all things Christmas in one big barn house of a building from ceiling to floor and all in between. There is not a thumbprint size place left bare of expressing the joy of Christmas and wonders of Christ.  I have continued this tradition of visiting with my children each Christmas Eve when weather and finances permit.


Perhaps it’s because I was a foster kid for a while (until age 4) and just the very idea of holidays have always represented family, love and friends to me. The foods, festivities and twinkle in my kids’ eyes reminding me that they will always be my babies are also major reasons for the love.

Whatever the cause, I love the time of year from Thanksgiving Eve to January 2 with the holidays bringing the A-list star factor.

I know some may think that maybe my priorities are screwed up in the first place because Jesus is the Reason for the Season Baby (in my dearest grandma Sara voice).  Let me say this loud and clear, I am a church girl through and through.  I was raised in the church and spent most of my childhood and now adulthood in the church.  Like many Black families I was raised Pentecostal Holiness which strongly believed that your whole life’s focus is Jesus Christ and because there were soooo many rules about what a holy person did and represented, we did very little, other than church.

Jesus in the morning; Jesus in the noonday; Jesus in the evening.  Come on saints sing it with me.

Jesus was already at the forefront of our lives each and everyday, not just for the Christmas season.   I make it a point to make this message real for my family and I and those we connect to.  With a black girl neck roll, understanding that Jesus was the true reason for the celebration is definitely not an issue for our very devout Christian household or me.

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