Points of PRIDE!

Yesterday my cousin who is forty and having a late baby asked me when did I have my last baby.  It took a moment for me to respond, because math is not always my friend and subtraction is oftentimes a pure enemy.  Hence all the bounced checks.  However I did figure out that I had my youngest son who is now 8 at 32.  Instantly I had an epiphany!  By the age of 32 I had four children, two degrees, a house, car and a marriage to a man that I am still in love with ’til this day.   I also had been teaching for over 5 years, and still loved it, written three children’s books and was forming a love affair with the children’s book publishing community as a member of SCBWI while continuing to grow ever committed to my faith and Lord and Savior.

The struggle has been real but its clear why it should have been now.  Life is always  better understood in retrospect.

As I continue to reflect on this, I’ve thought  about what a wonderful point of pride for someone who spent her early years in foster care from the age of one to five years old.

What a mighty God I serve to bless me with such an  awesome testimony!

What’s your point of pride or testimony today?  Leave a comment and share your gratitude.

Many Blessings


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