Blog Baby: Flawed and All

My transition into a new career focus in Higher Education Administration has been quite an interesting journey. I did not expect all the emotions I have experienced due to the dreaded, and mysterious element of CHANGE. And as I continue to work diligently to get acclimated to my new digs, new responsibilities, and new career focus, I find myself not juggling my time well enough to post consistently at

But not to worry,(encouraging myself of course) because blogging consistently is a long term goal and therefore I have time to get it right. However, for accountability purposes I am putting it out there that my goal is to blog as least once a month about something, anything. Remember my mantra “Writers write but Great Writers Write Often”. So really posting twice a month is truly idea for me.

As an English teacher, writing is often slow cooked.
Drafts, Revisions, Edits, Revisions, Drafts. All taking time.

As a Blogger, writing is expedited.
Think, create, publish.

I am learning this, and hopefully will get better as I continue to help my blog baby grow and develop. I realize as I read all the how to blogging experts I have and continue to make decisions about my blog that they would find appalling and erroneous.

mother's love

Unknown artist- searching to give credit??

But each chance I get to look at my baby I smile because its my creatively, my craft, and my challenge and I will raise it just the way I please. Flawed and All.

Also whats best and means more than anything is the love I feel towards and am delighted for the opportunity to have such a platform to develop as a writer and share with all of you who read and subscribe.

~Many Blessings

Tell me your “new baby” or blogging woes by leaving a comment.

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