The Whisper

Have you ever heard the whisper?

Or felt the quiet nudge to keep moving forward?

For my youngest who loves WWE

Or perhaps received a ‘smack upside the head’ confirmation that you’re on the right track?

In the past two years, I’ve truly made a commitment to develop my craft as a professional writer and move forward in my writing career. Because of this, I have experienced all of the above.

When do I experience this, you question? When I plant my butt in seat and move diligently forward with my writing.

And I mean writing, not surfing, not hobnobbing with the community, not reading blog postings, not researching agents, but actually writing.  Pen on paper writing.  Fingers on keys writing.   I experience intuitive, instinctive reminders that I’m headed in the right direction and accomplishment is right around the corner.

This is the internal GPS voice I love to hear.  Unlike that crazed voice on my car’s GPS that flubbers nonsense as I careen into oncoming traffic because she didn’t alert me of a turn in enough time.

The experience typically goes like this.  I get an idea and I decide to develop it.  Not in my mind but in actuality.  Once I get it pretty solidified or even near completion, (hammering out 1500 words per day baby) and walk away, I’m rewarded with a seal of approval to combat doubt that may stem from the process.

It’s like when you buy a new car for yourself that you really never noticed before, but all of a sudden you notice the car is everywhere.  Even your neighbor down the street has one.

Here are more current examples:

  • I decided to write about nature and suddenly butterflies were floating everywhere, almost taunting me. “write it, go ahead write it,” in their wee, tiny butterfly voices.
  • My new MG I have been submitting is called Spider Monkey Attack and lo and behold, there’s a new Disney movie about the wonder of monkeys coming soon to theaters.
  • Also my MG WIP has a spy element to it and there on one of my blogs were the very helpful and resourceful Banyard & Holmes. They provide great information on the ‘spy’ profession.

The still, small voice that confirms your steps are ordered!  This phenomena is universal and does not only apply to writers and their writing diligence.  However, anyone flowing in their God given purpose experiences this.  It’s the surety that you are doing exactly what you were created to do.  That kind of peace, matched with joy because you’re graced to live a purposeful life.  The wonderful thing for me is that I get to hear this whisper in more ways than one.

As a mother….As an Educator….As a writer…. As a wife.

I know these roles are my calling in life and as long as I strive to persist within each role with due diligence.  God is pleased and life is good.

Query Update as of  4/14/15:

20 Submissions

0 rejections

In the comments, reveal when you hear the whisper?

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