Calbery presentation

That is me presenting on stage

Today is a big day!

I have the honor and privilege to share my love for blogging with over 60 young 3rd-6th grade writers at the Lansing School District Calbery Award Reception. Over 900 students throughout the district enter wonderful writing selections in a variety of genres including poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.  A teacher started this prestigious writing award in 1970. Calbery comes from merging Caldecott and Newberry  which represents top awarded Children’s literature.

IMAG0094Think Pulitzer for kidlit.

I have presented at numerous conferences all around the United States on teacher best practices, education reform, literacy, and student engagement, but my greatest love and passion is working directly with young people.

IMAG0091This is a true honor to share my love for writing and role as a blogger with students and teachers today.

calbery winner

I hope to inspire them to push forward in their writing goals and who knows maybe one day they will dedicate their first  book to me or name their child after me or give me a special shout out when they win a Caldecott, Newberry, Coretta Scott King, or Pulitzer.

(I believe in dreaming big.)

I decided to make the presentation interactive, therefore I am posting this blog live as I present.  Isn’t that cool??  I only have 15 minutes so I decided to focus the presentation on several important points that will showcase how wonderful it is to blog.

Yes, I know 15 minutes is fast so here it goes.

Blogging is great because you get to…..

  • Write about what interests  YOU!  (You already write enough for teachers)
  • Create friendships with those across the globe.  Shout out to asummerbunny in Sweden,  and others in Brazil, Italy,  and the Philippines who follow my page.

  • have a personal platform to share your gifts and talents with the world.  It could be cooking, photography, sports, books, writing or anything else you can think of.  With over 3 million blogs and counting I’m sure there’s something for everyone.
  • become a better writer.  It disciplines you to write regularly, read regularly, revise, polish, and meet deadlines.  All necessary skills to continue to grow as a writer.

Blogging is life changing!  But remember its not Facebook or Twitter, I like to think of it as a place where serious writers come to create- Isn’t that right Josh Funk (Lady Pancake and French Toast, all good stuff.  bruh-ha-ha)

Really its whatever you like, and remember Writers Write Often and blogging is a great way to do!

2 thoughts on “COME BLOG WITH ME!

    • Hey Dayshawn,
      Congratulations with your building level win. Its great that you want to continue to improve your writing to possibly win at the District level next year. I think it is very important that we as writers continue to grow and improve. I always say you never stop learning to write. Just like basketball or football, you learn how to kick, tackle or make a basket at every level of the game. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully you’ll start your own for kids like you and then your writing will definitely improve. Good Luck and Keep writing. Oh, I almost forgot, reading is another great way to become a better writer. So over the summer read tons of books.

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