When did income dictate choice?

When did bank account, credit scores, and zipcodes relegate someone’s right to procreate?

The children of Israel banking fat stacks when God commanded go forth and multiply

For Real? It’s like that!

Life, decided by what you got

not the heart

or the love

Naw, Life is required to bow down

at the aborting feet of wealth, and for billions in the dust of poverty

Only to be stepped on, destroyed, again and again

Poverty is bleak, devastating, abusive

Poverty has no humility, embodies no humanity

It speaks no truth and tells nothing but lies

C’mon baby give me some of that loving

C’mon’ honey let’s make them babies, they beautiful

C’mon Boo ten dollars an hour is good pay

Poverty does not scream no to the foolish girl in love at 14 cause she aint never felt love,

Or is confused about love, or abused by love…

Poverty does not pull a hose from the backyard and spray ice cold water on twenty somethings passionate, intimate, unaccomplished, unfinished

Poverty don’t preach sex away, teach sex away, example sex away, rehabilitate sex away

Poverty does not click off the steady recitation of love songs, rap mixes, sex tapes, and slow jams

Truth be told, Wealth don’t do none of these things either

Don’t fool yourself

Maybe Poverty is the devil leering one down dark paths, trapping for life

Yes that’s right Poverty is the devil!

Just look into the eyes of a mother with a hungry child in one hand, and an eviction notice in another

Look into the mouth screaming Maury, “who da baby daddy” real or unreal to make that paper

Look into the heart of one who wants to be an example for the baby

Look into the eyes of a father empty cause he don’t know

Life is not a punishment,




It’s a choice not only for those with law creating SuperPacs  but for EVERYONE


Even when poverty has busted down the door, grabbed  by the throat, and left one tacked high against the wall

Life Matters

Life Matters

Life Matters

Even when Poverty says it doesn’t!


©Robin Mile’ Pizzo 2016

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