First and foremost I a woman! Therefore, my mind changes often and without cause which can affect the overall development, writings, and focus of this blog.

I am also a reader, writer, poet, educator, advocate, scholar, Detroiter, active citizen, Cosby Show lover, all things sweet and gooey fanatic, Christian, wife, and mother. These many descriptors help define the work produced throughout the pages of this blog. For you, who subscribe or visit, think of me as a friend.

My goal for this blog is to be a reflective resource for all those interested in personal, and professional growth in education, writing, and life in general.

I am attempting to grow in all of these areas as well. I truly love life and learning. But of most importance, education has been my greatest influence. Pizzos3.com is an effort to share that influence with each of my readers. I hope you find something that causes you to reflect, research, and respond. My joy is found in being a part of a community of exceptionally, thoughtful learners and communicators.

And just as if you have visited my home, stay a while! Relaxed in deeply cushioned, wicker rocking chairs, underneath the large shaded, front porch while sipping on warm chamomile tea, and bask in the writings! Then while away remember to stop by again and perhaps next time bring a guest.

Hello, Friend! wicker-rocker-fr-1

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